Team challenge 1

Our first low-track and start-up for what would become one of our core operations, group development. Team challenge 1 has 8 independent stations where evaluation takes place after each exercise carried out.

Team challenge 2

Purpose built for Coca-cola and Tre Kronor with influences from Denmark, our 9 stations can long obstacle course be described. But challenging, demanding and rewarding are other words that fit well in!


A fun and challenging “not touch ground” activity with 6 different subs, suiting the cannon to both schoolchildren and adults.

Some people perform a group development task.

External group exercises

We really have a plethora of external group exercises, ranging from fast-paced to analytical, simple to complex, we even build large “corporate games” to attract the crucial process in each group.

Two people stand on a promontory by a lake. It's a beautiful sunset.

Night exercises

Conducting a night exercise is something extraordinary and we have never had a participant so far who left us unmoved after taking part in a night exercise. It may be about complex tasks such as “The Pilot” to more adventurous challenges like “See but Not Be Seen”, in common is the experience in the dark!

Two teams build each their raft.

Raft construction

An activity that provides guaranteed feedback! Here you will produce an acceptable sketch, realize the plan and then literally “launch” it and evaluate the results personally.

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