A fun and challenging “not touch ground” activity with 6 different subs, suiting the cannon to both schoolchildren and adults.

Some people perform a group development task.

External group exercises

We really have a plethora of external group exercises, ranging from fast-paced to analytical, simple to complex, we even build large “corporate games” to attract the crucial process in each group.

Two people stand on a promontory by a lake. It's a beautiful sunset.

Night exercises

Conducting a night exercise is something extraordinary and we have never had a participant so far who left us unmoved after taking part in a night exercise. It may be about complex tasks such as “The Pilot” to more adventurous challenges like “See but Not Be Seen”, in common is the experience in the dark!

Two teams build each their raft.

Raft construction

An activity that provides guaranteed feedback! Here you will produce an acceptable sketch, realize the plan and then literally “launch” it and evaluate the results personally.

Moose Park

Our moose park was built in 2006 and is located at our reception. In addition to moose, there are also a bunch of fallow deer in our 15-hectare pasture. Here, the animals live much like wildlife do, roam around, eat and rest. The main difference is that all our moose are really sociable and are …

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Freshwater aquariums

In the summer of 2010 we inaugurated our new reception center and took the opportunity to integrate a freshwater svarium. Here you can see the most common fish found in our lakes, but also, for example, the fish are found in our lakes. trout from more flowing streamways and the hiking-prone eel. The large drawpatch, …

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Three people sit on squatting and sinks gold in the river.

Gold panning

The start of our business when we made a claim 1989 and the fantastic thing is that we still find gold, all naturally in the Stenebyälven. Learn the technique that from several kilos of gravel, small grains of gold are produced in less than 1 gram. Requires patience and accuracy but the feeling when you …

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For many who have grown up nere the forest, hunting is a natural part of life that gives incredible added value. This is something we would like to convey and share so please contact us for more information.

There is a person and fish with a throwing rod. There is fog by the lake.


It is said that Dalsland has more than 1 100 rivers. So that fishing is a natural part of life here is perhaps not so weird. The feeling when the float disappears and the rod top bends is fantastic and we want nothing more than to share with us, so please contact us for more …

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